Baby H

In our correspondence to set up the session I never asked if Mandy knew if she would be having a boy or girl. When I arrived at their house I immediately thought, oh, pink dress, must be a girl. But I was wrong. They didn’t find out with their son so they thought they better be surprised by baby number 2 also. The general feeling is girl so maybe that did sway her outfit choice just a little 😊. Either way this baby has a great family that will love him/her so very much. He/she will have a wonderful big brother who was shy at first but then opened up and showed me his cool trucks and ran around in the backyard with a big smile on his face despite the crazy clouds of mosquitoes. Thanks so much for braving the bugs for the outside shots. I’ve been scratching my bites like crazy while editing today but it was so worth it. Can’t wait to meet this little love bug in just a matter of weeks!