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I was thrown off all week on what day it was because I typically shoot weddings on Saturday. Alle and Mike were married on Sunday at the Rustic Manor outside Milwaukee and their wedding was anything but typical. It was small and intimate and pretty darn hot. We are lucky the venue had AC. We kept cool for as long as possible before going out under a big beautiful tree for their ceremony. It was toasty but the breeze was a life saver. They shared such sweet vows with each other. The Kleenex were abundant. They decided to share their day with only those closest to them so we got through family photos and wedding party photos pretty quickly. That gave us so much time for pictures of the two of them together which, oddly enough, doesn’t happen very often at weddings. It was such a luxury to have all that leisurely time to roam around the place and find the most beautiful light for\their pictures. I was giddy, shrieking with delight at every new location. These two made it easy. They’ve known each other for such a long time (as was mentioned just a few times in speeches at dinner 😊 ) that there was no hesitation in sharing how they felt about each other in front of the camera. For those who are even madly in love, a camera can be pretty intimidating. Their love is deep and playful. Alle’s smile just lights up incredibly when Mike is by her side. It is a beautiful thing to see. I really have to thank you both for taking the time we did to take all these pictures. I always want to strike a good balance between getting great images and also not taking up the whole day so you can enjoy the party with your friends and family. I hope you feel like we accomplished that! Thanks for having us there and thanks for being so sweet. It was an honor to be a part of this great celebration!

Vendor shout out:

Venue:  Rustic Manor 1848  |  Catering:  Bubb’s  |  Cake:  Dream Desserts by Design  |  DJ:  Midwest Sound


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