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I only met Jenny and Steve a couple weeks ago. As I waited for them at the coffee shop I felt nervous. I don’t like meeting couples just days before their wedding. It makes me anxious because I hope that it’ll all work out- that they’ll like me, I’ll like them, we’ll get along, work together well, etc. But the second we started talking my butterflies calmed. They are kind hearted and awfully easy going. We didn’t get the chance to meet sooner because they have just recently moved to the area from Fargo, ND. We talked through the wedding day plans and Jenny stressed how much she wanted to focus on just photos of her and Steve. Music to my ears. Their wedding was simple and small. Their family and friends came from near and far (but mostly far) to celebrate with them. You could really feel how much they are loved and supported by those that were there for them. They had great vows which got everyone a little emotional and smiling. The weather was pretty darn perfect for a countryside wedding. Lawn games were played, porch lounging was prime and the cold drinks were refreshing. They had the most amazing cheese spread I have ever seen (and being from Wisconsin you better believe I’ve seen A LOT of cheese spreads…). Jenny’s mom put it together and it was a work of art, for real. Personal pizzas were the dinner menu which I thought was so unique and great. The dances followed some really heartfelt speeches and the newlyweds danced to one of my most favorite songs ever. (If you can’t tell already by all this complimenting, this wedding was totally up my alley). Jenny and Steve really wanted to do sunset pictures so we set out for a few places were the light was right and the scenery was glorious. I was more than a little giddy when we were shooting in the wheat field as the sun went down. It was like heaven. It was the kind of sunset where you don’t want it to end and wish that you could hold up the sun for just a few more minutes. But I’m no magician so we called it a day when dusk fell. Thank you thank you for having us at your wedding. It was spectacular and unique and I really felt connected to your love story and family and friends. You two have something special, no doubt about it. Thanks for being up for anything and making the trek to a few locations for photos. You guys rock. Much love and enjoy Hawaii!!

Vendor shout out:

Venue:  Bridle Barn and Gardens  |  Hair and Makeup:  Midwest Beauty House  |  Wedding Dress:  Your Day by Nicole  |  Bride’s Shoes:  TOMs  |  Bride Acessories:  Your Day by Nicole  |  Bride’s Belt:  Designed and sewn by bride’s mother  |  Bride’s Ring:  Michael Hill  |  Groom’s Ring:  Northwood Rings  |  Bridesmaids Skirts:  Morning Lavendar  |  Flowers:  Sunborn Gardens  |  Catering:  La Fortuna Pizza  |  Desserts:  Greenbush Bakery  |  Bartenders:  Catered Cocktails  |  Band:  Bluewater Kings Band  |  Videography:  Jeffery Zoss with PINStudios  |  Rentals:  Madison Party Rental