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Lindsay & Ben | Capitol Square and Capital Brewery Wedding | Madison and Middleton, WI

Lindsay and Ben had two amazing wedding days. They were married on Thursday with their nearest and dearest by their sides. It was a windy, chilly, cloudy and misty day. Not exactly what you think August weather to be like. We met at the Edgewater for a first look before we headed over to the ceremony site. It was WINDY. So windy that I cut photos on the docks short because I was afraid one of us was going to end up in the water. They had planned to be married on the rooftop terrace of a law firm that one of their family members works at on the square. The mist ruined that plan but the views were still spectacular from inside with floor to ceiling windows and the capitol building as the backdrop. It was stunning. They exchange vows and laughs and rings and sealed the celebration with a champagne toast. Saturday gave them that warm late summer sun and the most perfect outdoor cookout weather you could have asked for. They had a big reception under the tent at Capital Brewery with Wisconsin’s finest cuisine- brats and hamburgers. It was the perfect party to celebrate this couple that is totally made for each other. They are both Wisconsinites but now live in Colorado so I think they did their wedding up right- getting married on the square and partying with great local beer and good food. Not to mention great family and friends. It’s always fun to see people you haven’t seen in so many years. I’m not even sure what time I left because I was chatting so much with all your guests! Thank you so much for having us at your wedding(s) 😊. It was an honor and you guys really have something special. That was obvious to me the first time I met you together and you can see how happy you make each other. We wish you nothing but the best and much love!!