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Anna + Zach | The Fields Reserve Wedding | Stoughton, WI

I feel speechless but with a million feelings. It’s an odd place for me as I’m trying to think of words to describe how I feel about Anna and Zach’s wedding. It tugged my heart strings and has me tongue tied. I promise words and photos could never do it justice, but that’s all I have. Saturday was by all accounts perfect. I had no doubt it was going to be a wedding that would go down in my personal memory as one of the best I’ve witnessed. Anna has great style and every visual decision was gorgeous and spot on in reflecting her and Zach’s aesthetic. There were just enough subtle hints of glitz mixed with everyday casual comfort to give you that wedding feel without being too wedding-y. Often I feel like weddings are so serious. The formality of them sometimes doesn’t allow for ease and comfort. Nothing could be further from the truth for these two. And it wasn’t just in style. Their ceremony was the same. They chose to symbolize their becoming one by mixing a cocktail to share. And by share I mean Anna took a sip and Zach slammed ¾ of the glass. There was so much laughter and light heartedness in it. I definitely was laughing with everyone else but I couldn’t fight back tears. The way they are with each other- comfortable, effortless, completely grounded in who they are and who they are as a ‘we’- that kind of love is everything. What my heart felt watching them get married is what I think love is. It’s real and silly and easy and everyday and they have it. If that’s not what love is and not how love feels, then I’m not sure I know what love is. I felt like I learned a little deeper how important it is to have that kind of love in your life. Certainly with your partner in life, but also among family and the friends you surround yourself with. Anna and Zach are rich with love in all those ways. Their families had amazing (and funny) things to say about them as individuals and as a unit. There certainly was no lack of support and unwavering adoration for them. The emotion in the room was enveloping. I want to say “I couldn’t be happier for them” but it somehow doesn’t say enough. Anna holds a special place in my memory and heart being a friend I grew up with. You always want the best for people you know like that. Zach is that “best” I hoped she’d find. They are for each other what every well wisher and loved one has ever wanted for each of them to find. I am so honored and elated I was able to be a part of the day and take these photos for you. Photos are a visual cue for memory. More than how the day looked, I hope they always bring you back to the sounds, smells, sentiments, and the amazing love you had that day, and will always have. The very best and so much love to you, friends.

Vendor shout-out:

Venue:  The Fields Reserve  |  Hair & Makeup:  Lovely Elegance Hair & Makeup  |  Dress:  BHLDN  |    Jewelry & Accessories:  Blushes and Gold  |  Bridesmaid Dresses:  LuLu’s  |  Wedding Rings:  Melanie Casey Jewelry  |  Catering:   Tex Tubbs  |  Decor:  A la Crate   |  Band:  The Feral Cats