Lisa + Bob | Hauge Log Church Wedding | Blue Mounds, WI

I didn’t get the chance to meet Lisa and Bob before their wedding. That’s not my favorite way to go into wedding day, it always makes me nervous, but for some reason I wasn’t nervous this time. I talked to Lisa a couple times on the phone and she seemed so relaxed about the day that it calmed me down. I knew it’d all go smoothly. It wasn’t the prettiest day on Saturday, misty and chilly, but I was digging the gloomy, fall vibe. Lisa had a red dress (which I loved- an unexpected element is always refreshing) that popped against the gray backdrop. She stuck it out in that sleeveless dress as long as we needed and I was impressed. Anything for the shots. Their guest list was small and filled up the tiny church. I’m always a fan of little weddings. Small and intimate never fails to bring big emotions. After the vows and exchange of rings we had lots of time for photos of just Bob and Lisa together. Another thing I’m a big fan of. Being able to spend quality time with the bride and groom for portraits is not a luxury that’s always afforded so when it happens I run with it. Literally running through a field for just the right angle and I was so stoked they were willing to stay out in the cold for every idea I had. Dinner and dancing followed with a warm meal and close company. All in all a great day was had by everyone and I’m very glad we were able to be a part of it. Some of the photos are my favorite from this wedding season. Thanks so much for having us at your celebration and sharing such a special day. Congratulations!